Ford F-650 Safety Review

When you’re considering a truck for your worksite, safety is an important consideration. If the unexpected happens, you want yourself and your workers to be safe. A work truck that combines both power and safety is the Ford F-650.

Fred Beans Ford Work Trucks is here to go over some of the features that make the Ford F-650 so safe for drivers around Doylestown, West Chester, Langhorne, and Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Read on to learn more.

Convenience Safety Features

PA winters can get cold. To help warm up the cab quickly when you have a diesel engine, you can opt for an available rapid-heat supplemental cab heater. This self-regulating heater gives the cab instant heat until the engine is warm enough to heat the cab.

Another helpful system is Ford Telematics™. This software keeps an eye on your truck and offers GPS tracking, vehicle health alerts, and even insights into driving behavior so that it can be improved and increase safety. You’ll know when your vehicle needs routine maintenance or repairs and where your truck is in case something happens.

To Help Avoid Accidents

Having a second set of eyes on the road can help avoid accidents. The F-650 with certain driver-assistive technologies can be that second set.

The available Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking and Forward Collision Warning with Brake Support are two systems that can help. These systems scan the road ahead of your truck and can warn you of a potential accident with another vehicle. If one is imminent, the system can alert you and apply the brakes.

Standard Traction Control aids you in slippery moments. If this feature senses tire slip, it can adjust speed and engine torque to increase traction and help prevent loss of control.

Safety on the Highway

The US is connected by a lot of highways, including in PA. When you’re trying to get to the next job, odds are you’ll be on one. The Ford F-650 has a few driver-assistive and safety features to lend a hand while you’re heading to your next job.

The available Lane-Keeping Alert helps you stay in your lane. This system monitors your truck’s position within its lane and senses any potential accidental drifts out of your lane. If it senses this, it will warn you to correct the drift. If it happens a few times, your truck will suggest a break.

Optional Adaptive Cruise Control is a helpful tool for long stretches of highway. This system is an update to traditional cruise control by letting you not only select your speed but also the following distance from the vehicle ahead of you. As traffic slows down, so will your truck. When it speeds up to the preset speed, your truck will too.

Is the Ford F-650 Right for Your Business?

The Ford F-650 can keep you and your workers safe on the way to and from the worksite. If you’re interested in seeing what else the Ford F-650 can do, it’s time to visit Fred Beans Ford Work Trucks.

Our team will go over the Ford F-650’s capabilities with drivers from Doylestown, West Chester, Langhorne, and Mechanicsburg, PA, including engine options and trims so you can choose the one that’s right for the job. Contact us to schedule a test drive today!