Commercial Truck Service near Me

The commercial trucks you use for your business mean a lot. They need to be locked and loaded, ready to handle the toughest of duties at a moment's notice. That’s one of the reasons why you’re so successful. So, if your fleet requires repairs, it needs to be taken care of quickly and effectively.

Enter the service center at Fred Beans Ford Work Trucks. With a team that specializes in maintaining and repairing your work vehicles, your fleet can stay moving the way they’re supposed to do. This should help with your search for commercial truck service near me.

To learn more about our services available in the Doylestown, West Chester, Langhorne, and Mechanicsburg, PA, area, keep reading.

Our Commercial Truck Service Center

Servicing work trucks and other commercial models isn’t the same as your everyday vehicle. These robust machines need special care and attention. This is exactly what they’ll receive in our service center and it starts with our technicians.

Our professional technicians have been through extensive training with a focus on repairing commercial midsize and heavy-duty trucks. This has earned them their Ford diesel certification, allowing them to know your truck’s needs better than anyone else.

They also have access to the best equipment in the industry in our state-of-the-art service center. From dedicated truck bays that can lift up to 30,000 pounds, to OEM parts, you can ensure that your fleet is in the best of hands.

Truck & Tire Repair

In our service center, we know your truck sees a lot of action. From long hauls across the country to towing on the worksite, it’s not uncommon to need repairs sometimes, especially on your tires. No matter what your issue is, we can handle it in a timely manner, so you can continue with your duties.

But how do you know when your fleet needs repairs? Though you know your truck better than anyone, there are some signs to watch for. When you notice any of the following, get in touch with our team for an assessment right away:

  • Dashboard warning lights are flashing
  • Braking issues
  • Poor performance
  • Billowing smoke from your engine or exhaust
  • Strange noises under the hood

Likewise, your commercial truck’s tires work hard to keep you on the road. Signs like tread wear and tear, cracks, blisters, or excess vibration when driving, can all happen. If this occurs, our team can repair or replace your tires easily.

Why Choose Fred Beans?

At our commercial truck service center, you’ll not only receive the repairs you need, we’re proud to offer a bevy of benefits to our customers to show our appreciation and make servicing your fleet easier than ever. Some include:

  • Free local pickup and drop-off services
  • Trailer inspection services
  • Complimentary Pennsylvania state inspections

Make Your Commercial Truck Service Appointment

When you’re in need of repairs or maintenance to your company’s fleet, go to the pros at Fred Beans Ford Work Trucks auto center. Drivers around Doylestown, West Chester, Langhorne, and Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, can schedule their appointment online today!