Fred Beans Work Truck Division Upfit Body Types

Service Bodies

Service Body

It’s equipped not only with a cargo area, but also with several compartments for your tools and equipment.

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Dump Bodies

Dump Body

If you’re in charge of hauling waste from the job site, the Dump Body is equipped with hydraulics, so you’ll have the bed lift to empty the materials at the right location.

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Landscape Dumps

Landscape Dump Body

Like the Dump Body, it’s equipped with hydraulics to lift the box to dump out at the intended location. However, this box is much larger and capable of hauling more materials and landscape waste.

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Cutaway Van Bodies

Cutaway Vans

It’s perfect for moving materials, whether residential or commercial. The inside of the trailer is equipped with latches to ensure your materials don’t move around during transit.

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Dry Freight Truck

Dry Freight Body

If you need as much storage space as possible, this option gives you a long trailer-esque box for your materials.

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Wrecker Truck

Wrecker Body

If you handle towing cars to the shop or clearing the scene of an accident, this truck is equipped with the necessary crane and ramp that you’ll need.

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Cab Chassis Truck

Cab Chassis

You’ll get to pick the type of box or addition to the truck.

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Other Body

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